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Volunteer “Pool of Experts” for Emergency Relief

Malteser International has set itself the goal of being able to provide rapid and comprehensive humanitarian aid to those affected by (natural) disasters worldwide. For this purpose, we have established the "Pool of Experts" with trained and experienced volunteers who are regularly sent to the crisis and disaster regions of the world. From setting up a water treatment plant to coordinating a refugee camp to providing acute medical care in an emergency ambulance, these teams make an irreplaceable contribution to people in need.

The Pool of Experts is one of Malteser International’s key tools to respond to international disasters and deliver humanitarian assistance to people rapidly and effectively.  In case of a disaster, like an earthquake or tsunami, PoE members are usually deployed within the first 72 hours and remain in the affected country for approximately two weeks.

There are several deployment options: As a logistician, you could be deployed to facilitate the shipment of relief goods into a country. As a nurse or doctor, you might work alongside national hospital staff and provide on-the-job training.

During a deployment, we always work closely with the affected population, and coordinate with local authorities and international bodies such as the United Nations. We work to empower affected people in their efforts to mobilize resources and assist their peers and themselves.

Who are the volunteer experts?

Members of the Pool of Experts are selected employees of Malteser International, but primarily external experts who are available for emergency relief operations worldwide and have special expertise in international emergency relief. In general, they have a university degree or vocational training in relevant fields and have sufficient professional experience. Relevant professional fields are, for example

  • Physicians
  • Health care and nursing staff
  • Midwives/
  • Emergency medical service personnel (e.g., paramedics) 
  • Specialists in logistics and in the technical field (e.g., water supply and sanitation/WASH)
  • Finance and administration staff
  • Professionals in the field of public health or mental health (e.g. health professionals, psychologists, trauma therapists) 
    Experts in Safety & Security 

Admission to the Pool of Experts

Interested candidates can find more information on the application and admission process via our job portal.

Suitable interested volunteers are invited to our Emergency Response Induction Training, which is the basis for your deployment and further training with us. Once accepted into the Pool of Experts, volunteers undergo a training programme that prepares them for deployment abroad. This training includes the basics of humanitarian aid, stress management, safety, specialised technical training, etc. During the volunteer assignment, Malteser International pays the travel costs incurred and offers comprehensive insurance cover.

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