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Christmas 2020: Hope for children with special needs

Children with disabilities living in the poorest families and communities face increased vulnerabilities. These children often suffer neglect, abuse, and stigma. Many parents in these communities also struggle to cope with their children's disabilities and provide them with the vital care they need to develop along with their peers.

At Suubi Lyaffe, a community-based organisation supported by Malteser International in Kampala, Uganda, self-help groups of women receive valuable information on how to better understand the special needs of their children and actively nurture their development. Many of the mothers at Suubi Lyaffe are single parents who have even been abandoned by their families.

As we face a Christmas like never before, we are inviting you to help us care for children with disabilities while providing respite care for their parents and guardians.

Make a Christmas donation today

Your donation this Christmas can bring hope and healing to children with disabilities and their families. Donations will go towards financing necessary equipment and physiotherapy for the children, as well as towards the cost of transportation and medical treatment. As work and food became harder to access because of the COVID-19 pandemic, your gift will also provide food packages for families with children in need of special care during this challenging season.

Suubi Lyaffe: A safe space for children with disabilities

Suubi Lyaffe means 'Our Hope' in Luganda, the main language spoken in Kampala. While gaining skills to help children with disabilities improve their motor skills, mothers at Suubi Lyaffe are learning to connect with their children and handle their disability better. Suubi Lyaffe provides mothers who had previously despaired with a safe space where they can regain their self-esteem and dare to hope for a better future - for their children and for themselves. Suubi Lyaffe tells them, "Yes, you can!"

Rebecca, 27, sees light at the end of the tunnel

"I was in doubt before coming to Suubi Lyaffe with my Faith. I had lost every strength and love in me."

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