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#MomentsOfHome: When home is far away – when home no longer exists

Christmas. People celebrate this festival in many places. In different ways, of course, but there are similarities. All over the world people connect this time, this festival with above all one thing: Getting together at home. With the family. With friends. After travelling either short or long distances, ultimately at the end of their journeys many people arrive in a familiar environment. At Christmas #MomentsOfHome arise in many places.

But what if people who live far away from their homeland, can’t set off for home, because they had to leave it due to war, conflicts, the climate change, poverty or hunger? They are not able to spend the holidays with their beloved ones in a familiar setting.

#MomentsOfHome underline what home means to people, who have had to flee. They are characterised by memories. They are told by people, who have had to leave their homes and don’t know when or if they will ever be able to return there.

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Stories from home: people from our project countries share their #MomentsOfHome


For more than ten years, people in Syria have suffered from conflict and displacement. Hundreds of thousands have been on the run for sometimes just as long, living as internally displaced persons in makeshift camps. Life on the run puts a strain on people's health and psyche. "A few days after we fled, I learned that our house had been destroyed during the bombing. They sent me a video of it. When I saw it, I felt so bad," says Iman Al-Mahmoud.

Read more about what the loss of home means for people in Syria.

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Refugees in Bangladesh: „My heart, mind and soul are still in Myanmar.“

Hundreds of thousands of members of the Rohingya Muslim minority fled in autumn 2017 to escape violent attacks. In the world's largest refugee camp in Bangladesh the people receive shelter, food as well as medical care. They can survive, but is that enough? "We have enough food here in the refugee camp. That's good, but it doesn't let our minds rest. I don't feel at home here. Home, is my house in Myanmar," says Jamalida, a refugee living in the camp in Bangladesh.

Find out what home means to Jamalida, Shakiya and Iman Hamidur Rahman.

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Refugees in Uganda: Safety is my new home

"Yes, I feel at home here in Uganda. Despite the challanges I face in my daily life here. I am doing well and most of all I feel safe. Peace makes it easy for me to feel at home," says Mary Night.

Read the stories of two young women who left their homes in South Sudan in search of safety and found it in Uganda.


#MomentsOfHome-stories from Uganda

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Spend time together, reflect, a cosy get-together, enjoy the festive meal, please each other with gifts, say thank you. Christmas is the period of brotherly love.

And yet many people aren’t able to spend festive seasons such as Christmas with their beloved ones or in their familiar environment. There is no festive meal, no gifts. They cannot spend this time carefree due to hunger, poverty, displacement, conflicts or natural disasters.

We would especially like to think about these people at Christmas time and support them together with your help: Your donation is a very special gift. It helps people in need.

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#MomentsOfHome: Your donation for people in need!
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