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Lent 2020: Growing Hope in Uganda

This Lent, join us to plant trees against deforestation and poverty in Uganda.

Uganda has lost more than half of its entire forest cover due to tree-cutting for firewood, timber and charcoal in the last 25 years. The massive deforestation has led to soil degradation, flooding, erratic rainfall, prolonged droughts, and loss of biodiversity. The country's poorest in the northern district of Arua are the hardest hit by global climate change and the effects of deforestation.The arrival of over 1 million refugees since 2016 has added on the already high pressure on land resources, and sometimes led to tensions between locals and refugees.

We are promoting environment conservation in northern Uganda by planting trees and promoting sustainable income opportunities. 101,000 trees have already been planted, but we still need your help to restore the region's ecosystem and foster peace in the community.

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This is how we protect the people and the environment in Uganda

Reforestation for sustainable livelihoods

Massive deforestation in Uganda has seen Uganda lose over two-thirds of its forests in the last 25 years. We are promoting environmental conservation initiatives in northern Uganda.

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Planting trees for a better future in Uganda

Julius Kijali, Project Manager and afforestation expert at Malteser International in Uganda speaks about the importance of protecting natural resources for people and the environment.

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"Planting trees is important" - Lillian's story

Lillian Candiru was born and raised in the north of Uganda. 33 years ago, the local landscape looked quite different: "In the past, there were many trees in the area, but people have felled more and more trees in recent years. They used the wood to build their simple houses and as fuel in cooking. For a long time, many more trees were felled than were replanted," says Lillian Candiru.

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