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Your Gift: A Future!

You can be part of something meaningful by enabling prospects for young people in need.

Most of us have dreams of a better life. The plans we make help us to achieve these dreams, bringing us a step closer to happiness. However, many young people and families in need around the world are lacking the basics to achieve their dreams.

Whether it is helping to restore malnourished children in the DR Congo to health, or encouraging children in South Sudan to attend school, we are committed to providing a stable environment for young girls and boys to fully develop their potential and make their dreams a reality.

Join us to give these young ones a different kind of gift: a future.

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Over the course of a year, your regular donation as a sponsoring partner gives real, life-changing help to people in need in our project regions. Your commitment helps us plan ahead and bring about long-lasting impact.

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Become a Sponsoring Partner!

See how we are helping to secure futures:

Ensuring safe delivery for expectant mothers in DR Congo

The birth of a child is a magical moment. We are working to ensure this moment runs smoothly for women in DR Congo. In our maternity clinics, expectant mothers receive all the medical care they need, from pregnancy till delivery.

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Venezuela/Columbia: A future in the midst of crisis

Colombia has taken in almost one million refugees from Venezuela. Ana, Iris and Carlos are all seeking a better life and a better future in Colombia. These are their stories:

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A future for malnourished children in the DR Congo

About 400,000 children in the DR Congo are facing life-threatening acute malnourishment. Malteser International is helping to restore children to health through its support for the local hospital in Adi, north east of the country. Thanks to specialized treatment using therapeutic milk, children like Dorcas and Viola are given a chance to survive.

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How Lunch Can Help Secure the Future of Children

Suzanne Peter lives with her family in a refugee camp in Wau, South Sudan after fleeing armed violence in her village. For the 8-year-old girl having a warm lunch meal everyday is no matter of course. She recently resumed her primary education, and is one of over 5,000 pupils who receive warm meals at school thanks to our school feeding program.

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