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Our humanitarian aid in the Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) is located in central Africa, bordering Chad to the north, Cameroon to the west, South Sudan to the east, and the two Congos to the south.

The country is wracked by a decade of armed conflict. In the southeastern region of the Central African Republic lies the prefecture of M'bomou, which faces numerous challenges. Here, violent clashes between armed groups and the regular army (FACA), which is supported by the militia of the Russian group WAGNER, continue to occur. Diseases such as rabies, monkeypox, measles, yellow fever and HIV are widespread.

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Prevention of cross-border epidemics through a holistic approach

Our project aims to improve access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene in the community and in health facilities, especially to prevent the transmission of epidemics. We build or rehabilitate water stations, distribute hygiene kits, and establish sanitation facilities in areas with large numbers of IDPs and returnees. We also build animal health facilities to improve sanitary conditions related to meat consumption. At health facilities, we support infection prevention and control measures, including the creation of adequate waste disposal facilities.

Located in the southeastern region of the Central African Republic, the prefecture of M'Bomou faces numerous challenges: violent clashes between armed groups and the regular army put immense pressure on the local population.

58% of the population lacks access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation. There is also a high prevalence of diseases with epidemic potential, such as rabies, monkey pox, measles and yellow fever.

The region, like the rest of the country, has difficulty meeting the existential needs of its population in all areas.

The project aims to improve access to WASH infrastructure in both community and health facilities. At the same time, it aims to improve food security through livelihood interventions in local communities.

  • Construction or rehabilitation of water points and animal health facilities.
  • Distribution of hygiene kits
  • Establishment of sanitation facilities for IDPs and returnees
  • Support for infection prevention and control activities in health facilities
  • Rehabilitation, equipment and medical supplies for rural health centers
  • Training and distribution of agricultural tools and seeds

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