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Ensuring safe delivery for expectant mothers in DR Congo

The birth of a child is a magical moment. We are working to ensure this moment runs smoothly for women in DR Congo. In our maternity clinics, expectant mothers receive all the medical care they need, from pregnancy till delivery.

"I was able to go to the Hospital in Adi for the birth of my first child. However, I was delivered of my second child in a straw hut without light," says 22-year-old Uliza Monique who has just given birth to her third baby. She is visibly relieved that the straw hut has now been replaced by a modern health station for mother-child health.

"There were no beds in the hut. For the first days after the birth I had to lie on a mat on the floor. The delivery bed was actually just a wooden table. There were no blankets and no sheets and I had severe back pain," Uliza remembers. "Here in the Malteser International's new ward there is natural light coming in, real beds with mattresses, and the roof is stable. My baby was able to come to this world seeing the light of day."

With €10 a month, you can help ensure a child is brought to the world in safety.
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We provide pregnancy care for expectant mothers in need and essential services for a safe birth

It is not only the warm atmosphere and comfort that make expectant mothers opt for a childbirth in our maternity clinic. Home births are often common in the area. However, when complications arise, they are usually not dealt with properly. Many pregnancies and deliveries therefore end  in death for mothers and infants.

We start caring even before childbirth

With our prenatal services, we are able to prevent complications and inform women about important steps they can take to protect their infant and ensure a healthy pregnancy. 19-year-old Agnes Faida is pregnant in her fouth month. She has received important medication from Malteser International, a tetanus vaccine, deworming treatments, malaria prophylaxis and vitamins. "My contractions have started today and the baby should come very soon. I feel so well taken care of here. I also want to vaccinate my baby here. It should have a happy and healthy childhood."

Most of these mothers are often impoverished refugees from South Sudan. Our services for them are free of charge. These services are also offered Congolese mothers at discounted rates.




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                     Our mission is to empower people in need to lead a life of health and dignity.

                     Many expectant mothers in the DR Congo are poor.
                     Our daily commitment is to ensure a safe birth for them and a bright future for their children.

                     As our sponsoring partner, you can make a valuable contribution to this mission starting from €5 a month.
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