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Construction of a student dormitory at Lubaga Hospital Training Institute

In Uganda's capital Kampala, the Lubaga Hospital is a long-standing partner of Malteser International, with whom we also work together in the "Improving emergency medical care" project. The hospital includes a training institute where prospective medical staff are trained in different courses. In view of the increasing number of students and the lack of affordable quality accommodation in the greater Kampala area, the construction of a student dormitory is urgently needed. Currently, Lubaga Training Institute students are still housed in a building on the main Lubaga Hospital campus. By constructing the dormitory on the Training Institute grounds, the hospital will be able to improve its medical care infrastructure by converting the building currently used as a dormitory into a specialized building for the hospital.

The Lubaga Hospital Training Center in Kampala was established in 1956 with the goal of training health care workers for employment at Lubaga Hospital. Over time, the institute began training health workers for facilities throughout Uganda. It is currently owned by the Archdiocese of Kampala and has been accredited as a national training institute by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education.

Today, the institute offers four diploma courses and five certificate courses in medical specialties. The new training courses - currently in preparation through cooperation with Malteser International and financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) - include a diploma in rescue services and emergency medicine as well as a diploma in physiotherapy.

Due to a lack of infrastructure, it has not yet been possible to move the trainees' accommodation from the main campus to the institute grounds. In total, accommodation for 400 students is needed. In this project, Malteser International, together with the Alfred Neven DuMont Foundation, is addressing this challenge and has started with the construction of a first dormitory for a total of 108 students.

In the vacant buildings of the hospital complex, Lubaga Hospital will establish specialized clinics that require large spaces for diagnostic equipment. This will further improve the range of medical expertise and the quality of medical treatment at the hospital.

  • Expansion of Lubaga Hospital's training infrastructure to ensure safe housing for trainee nurses
  • Qualitative upgrading of the hospital's training campus 
  • Increase the number of female applicants and enhance their safety on the campus
  • Expansion of the model rice straw building portfolio in Uganda
  • Innovative construction of student accommodation
  • Use of eco-friendly pressed rice straw panels, resulting in a mostly climate-neutral building
  • Supporting local farmers by sourcing local building materials

Country info

Capital: Kampala
Area: 241.040 km²
Populations: approx. 48,6 million

Project data

Financing: Alfred Neven DuMont-Stiftung
Partner: Lubaga Hospital

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