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Responds to floods and landslides disaster

In May 2024, torrential rains triggered catastrophic floods and landslides across Kasese District, Uganda. Major rivers, including Nyamugasani, Rwembyo, and Kabiri, overflowed their banks, inundating eleven sub-counties and the district's main town council.

This natural disaster resulted in tragic loss of life, injuries, displacement, and widespread damage to infrastructure and property. Reported were 13 fatalities, 8 injuries, and 1 person missing. Countless residents have been displaced from their homes and are currently seeking refuge in temporary camps.

While the relentless downpour was a primary factor, human activities are suspected to have significantly worsened the situation. Unsustainable practices like deforestation, indiscriminate tree cutting, quarrying, and improper agricultural techniques that disregard soil stability are believed to have contributed to the severity of the landslides.

Malteser International mobilizes relief efforts

Leveraging its established partnerships and the Emergency Program for Africa (MIEPA) funded by the German Foreign Federal Office (GFFO), we swiftly deployed a team to Kasese with a mission to assess the situation on the ground, identify the most pressing needs, and initiate relief efforts.

Since 2020, Malteser International has provided vital assistance in Kasese, Ntoroko, Kisoro, and Mbale, all regions previously affected by floods and landslides. Malteser International's interventions typically focus on delivering emergency water supplies, constructing temporary sanitation facilities, and distributing essential hygiene items.

We have committed to delivering emergency water supplies, constructing temporary latrines and bathing shelters, and distributing soap in two heavily impacted camps: Nyambuku and St. Micheal. This targeted intervention will provide much-needed assistance to a combined population of 970 individuals residing in these camps.

Malteser International is providing specific support to the two designated camps by delivering emergency water supplies, constructing two communal latrines and bathing shelters, and installing four handwashing facilities equipped with soap.

Urgent needs in the affected area

Below are just some of the critical needs/gaps identified as areas of support for the affected population:

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH):

  • Water treatment supplies
  • Construction of bathing shelters
  • Installation of handwashing facilities with soap
  • Provision of cleaning tools and materials
  • Desludging of overflowing toilets
  • Distribution of personal hygiene items for women and girls

Shelter and Non-Food Items (NFIs):

  • Supplying shelter materials for displaced persons
  • Distributing bedding (blankets, mattresses, mats)
  • Providing essential kitchen utensils
  • Distributing scholastic materials for school children
  • Supplying mosquito nets
  • Offering cash assistance programs

Food Security and Livelihoods:

  • Delivering food supplies for displaced people
  • Distributing fast-growing seeds and farming tools to mitigate potential food insecurity

Malteser International in Uganda remains committed to alleviating the suffering of the affected population through its comprehensive relief efforts and will continue to stand with the affected communities in Kasese. Be part of our emergency relief and help with your donation!

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