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Care for young and old people

Malteser International has been concentrating on building the capacity of Malteser Peru in the long term since the beginning of 2009. The focus of this support is their voluntary work and social care programs, that provide support to members of the most vulnerable sectors of the population. Malteser Peru runs a soup kitchen in Ate Vitarte that gives a warm meal every day to school children threatened by malnutrition. In Querecotillo they offer advice and companionship services for elderly people.

Directly after the earthquake in August 2007, many voluntary helpers from the Peruvian Association of the Order of Malta and from Malteser Peru gave their support and help to the affected people in the regions of Chincha Alta and Pisco. In collaboration with local parishes, they distributed clothes and food items to 1,500 people in need. Furthermore, they helped with installing tents to provide temporary shelter, while physicians from Malteser Peru provided medical support.

We work to expand the capacity of Malteser Peru by providing training in the area of DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) and first aid, strengthening the voluntary structure and intensifying its networks with other Latin American associations of the Order of Malta, which have experience of disaster preparedness activities in remote and marginalized areas.

  • Providing long-term capacity building for Malteser Peru by strengthening its volunteer structure, and focusing on social care programs and disaster risk reduction.
  • Support for especially vulnerable members of the population (children, elderly people)
  • Creation of volunteer-based networks in remote and disaster prone areas to improved the population's level of preparedness for future disasters.

Country info

Capital: Lima
Area: 1,285,000 km²
Population: c. 30.8 Million

Project data

Project duration: since 2009
Donors: Grundschule Freudenberg and private donations
Partner: Malteser Peru

Last updated: January 2016

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