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Emergency aid for Afghan returnees in Laghman

Neighbouring Pakistan has been a new home for many Afghans since the 1980s. They had escaped from the wars in their country to Pakistan and also to Iran. In June 2016, Pakistan subsequently launched a systematic repatriation of Afghan refugees back to their home country. About one million of them have returned since then. They were granted cash aids amounting to $400 per person by the international community. They were also promised land in their home country. However, the country, not prepared for the large number of returnees, had less than enough land for them and presently struggles to provide them with adequate living conditions such as housing, access to education, work or food.

Therefore, many returnees have held out for months in provisional camps, living in very simple tents and hardly able to feed their families. Most of them try to make ends meet by taking up occasional jobs. Finding jobs in the cold winter months is always almost impossible, leading to the lack of winter essentials such as warm clothing, heating and food.

 Eight months ago a provisional camp was set up in the province of Laghman for around 400 returning families (about 2,800 people). This camp was to server as a first contact point.

Although the Afghan government plans to provide these families with appropriate land, on which they can settle, it is to be assumed that this project will continue for several years.

The families living in the camp only have properties, which they could drag along with them while leaving Pakistan. Now they live in tents that do not meet the requirements of the cold winter months in any way. In addition to the cold and the resulting diseases, the difficulty of finding work during winter months further exacerbates the situation of the families.

Since March 1, 2017, Malteser International, in cooperation with Afghanischer Frauenverein e.V. (Association of Afghan Women), and its local partner organization, Union Aid, has been supporting a total of 400 families (about 2,800 people), which were particularly affected by the hard wintery months. They distribute warm blankets, gas cylinders for heating stoves and basic food materials.

Providing Afghan returnees in the Laghman camp with essentials for survival.

Distribution of warm blankets, gas cylinders and basic foodstuffs to 400 families (about 2,800 people).

Country info

Capital: Kabul 
Area: 652.864 kmĀ²
Population: approx. 33 million

Project data

Project duration: March 2017 - May 2017
Financing: The German Relief Coalition (Aktion Deutschland Hilft - ADH)

Last updated: April 2017

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