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Relief items for the war affected regions

Millions of people are suffering from the consequences of the war, which is still present. More than 17 million people in Ukraine need humanitarian assistance (source: OCHA Situation Report, 19.12.2021). Among others, food, medical supplies and consumables as well as needs-based relief items are urgently needed in communities in the eastern and southern part of Ukraine that have been severely affected by the war.  

Together with the Order of Malta Network, we provide vital relief supplies, such as durable food, generators, etc., in a need-based and dynamic manner, to the internally displaced people and those living in the war zones in Ukraine. 

Provide adequate relief items to medical and social institutions, communities and volunteer groups supporting war-affected vulnerable families.

  • Provision of relief supplies (preferably local products)
  • Management and coordination of in-kind donations according to needs and efficiency.
  • Ensuring the supply chain through the warehouse in Lviv
  • Supporting a warehouse in Poland as a service point for international donations
  • Ensuring contacts with local groups
  • Transport of relief goods
  • Distribution of relief items (e.g. durable food, generators and other helpful items such as hygiene products, power banks, flashlights, etc.)

Project data

Partner: Malteser Ukraine, Order of Malta Relief Organizations in neighboring countries 

Project region: Ukraine and neighboring countries

Donors: German Federal Foreign Office, Global Fund for Forgotten People, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Nachbar in Not, Foundations and private donations


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