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A Beacon of Hope for Earthquake-Affected Families in Syria

Ahmad Ali, an eighth grader from the school "Förderschule Duisburg-Nord" in Germany felt an unwavering determination to make a difference upon hearing about the devastating earthquake in Syria. This is why he mobilized his classmates and within a few days, he raised over €1,000 to aid those affected by the disaster. Through the collaborative efforts of Malteser International and our Syrian partner organization, Hand in Hand for Aid and Development, Ahmad's contributions were transformed into tangible relief for families, including that of Ahmed Al-Ibrahim, who have lost their homes in the city of Jandaris.

Fleeing from the intense shelling in his hometown near Aleppo, Ahmed Al-Ibrahim sought temporary refuge in the Idlib countryside before being uprooted once again, this time settling in Jandaris with his wife and three children, Lina, Abdeljawad, and Fatima. Despite the constant challenges posed by conflict, Ahmed embraced his role as a physical education teacher in one of the town's schools, continuing to educate children and provide them with a glimmer of hope.

The devastating impact of the earthquake

In the early morning of the 6th of February, the ground shook violently, and the lives of millions in northern Syria and southern Türkiye were forever altered. Ahmed and his wife awoke to the horrifying sound of destruction, swiftly realizing that their family's safety was at stake. Frantically, Ahmed rushed to evacuate his loved ones from their crumbling home, but tragedy struck as the walls collapsed upon him. “All my injuries were so painful but hearing that nearly a hundred children I used to teach, had lost their lives, made the situation even more painful.”, narrates Ahmed. Saying this, tears streamed down his face. His smile could no longer conceal the immense sadness he carried within.

Now, Ahmed and his family find themselves residing in the Al Hass camp, their lives irrevocably transformed by the earthquake's aftermath. Stripped of their home and belongings, they rely on the compassion and support of philanthropists and charitable contributions directed towards the camp. Despite this assistance, Ahmed's needs remain substantial, as he requires medication, monthly catheter changes, and urgent surgical intervention to recover from the injuries inflicted by the earthquake.

Ahmad's generosity ignites joy

It is in this context of hardship that Ahmad's act of kindness emerges as a beacon of hope for Ahmed's family and others in similar situations. When Ahmed's children discovered that the hygiene kits and food parcels they received were generously donated by another child, their faces lit up with pure joy and gratitude. "Thank you so much, my friend Ahmed, for thinking about us. I hope you can visit us someday, so we can play together with the children in the camp", says six-year-old Lina.

Together with local partner organizations, Malteser International continues to provide emergency relief efforts to support those affected by the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria. Fortunately, Ahmed and his family were able to receive vital support. However, with countless others still struggling to cope with the aftermath of the disaster, more aid is urgently needed. In times of crisis, it is often the small acts of compassion that restore faith in humanity and offer solace to those suffering. If Ahmad Ali's action touched your heart, we invite you to follow in his footsteps and contribute to our ongoing efforts. Your donation, no matter how big or small, can bring hope and relief to those in need.

(July 2023)

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