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Rehabilitative therapy for Syrian refugees

A person's well-being involves a sound physical and psychological health. Many Syrians who have fled to Türkiye as a result of the Syrian conflict are suffering severe war trauma and injuries. In Türkiye, local institutions are struggling to adequately deal with these challenges; there are huge shortfalls when it comes to rehabilitation and psychosocial support. This is where our aid comes in.

In the Turkish city of Gaziantep, we are supporting our local partner organisation Independent Doctors Association (IDA) with the operation of a rehabilitative centre to help Syrian refugees deal with the trauma of their war experiences.

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One in five Gaziantep’s 2 million residents is a refugee from Syria. Many of the over 400,000 refugees in Gaziantep are suffering from the psychological consequences of war and displacement, while a significant number suffered injuries during the war and escape to Türkiye. Turkish hospitals have been doing their best to treat severe injuries. However, there is a need to improve important post-operative and post-traumatic rehabilitative therapy. The Turkish rehabilitation facilities are currently operating within their limits. For many affected refugees, this means their chances of recovery are slim.

We believe that physical well-being is an important basis for a life in health and dignity. Our aim is to support Syrian refugees in accessing urgently needed rehabilitative services and to offer them opportunities for physical and psychological recovery.

  • Syrian refugees with injuries receive qualitative rehabilitative treatment to advance their recovery
  • Our psychosocial support activities allow Syrian refugees deal with the trauma of their experiences of war and displacement, helping them to recover mentally.

The activities are managed by highly motivated and qualified staff of our local partner organisation Independent Doctors Association (IDA).



Independent Doctors Association: a reliable partner for medical assistance to people affected by conflicts

Country info

Capital: Ankara
Area: 783.562 km²
Population: approx. 80.8 million

Project data

Financing: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and private donations
Partner: Independent Doctors Association (IDA)

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