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Ukraine: Psychological care for evacuees from Mariupol

Cologne/Lviv. In the past days, around 2,600 people have been evacuated from Mariupol to the eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro. Ten psychologists from Malteser Ukraine are offering psychological consultations. "The demand for our consultations is high. Around 200 people are queuing in order to get help from our professionals. Especially adults urgently need psychological support to cope with having been locked up for months. That's a huge challenge we have to overcome. It is not easy for our professionals to deal with the stories they listen to every day. But they keep going because these people need someone they can talk to," says Pavlo Titko, head of Malteser Ukraine. Dnipro is also repeatedly a target of Russian missiles.

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Ukraine: 150th aid transport - medication for hospitals

Cologne/Lviv. On Wednesday, 4 May, Malteser International and Malteser Ukraine send its 150th relief transport for the people in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. 44 pallets medical supplies donated by the global healthcare group Fresenius and medicines will be transported from Germany to Lviv in Ukraine. The transport is supported by the organisation "action medeor". The Order of Malta in Ukraine will distribute the aid delivery to hospitals that are currently in great need of medical material.

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Malteser International: "The need for humanitarian aid has never been greater".

Cologne. The consequences of the war in Ukraine are immense worldwide. And they are hitting people particularly hard who were already struggling with multiple crises before the Ukraine war, such as in Kenya or Lebanon. Until now, the main suppliers of wheat, corn, oil and fertiliser have been Russia and Ukraine. Due to the shortage, prices for staple food are rising and exacerbating existing crises. "The need for humanitarian aid has never been greater," says Clemens Graf von Mirbach-Harff, Secretary General of Malteser International.

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World Health Day: "There is no climate change. There is a climate catastrophe"

Cologne. Climate change poses a major threat to the health of millions of people. On World Health Day, Malteser International draws attention to the deaths of 13 million people who, according to the World Health Organisation, die every year due to avoidable environmental causes such as the climate crisis.

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Lebanon: Order of Malta Lebanon is opening new health centre

Cologne/Beirut. In the presence of Carsten Körber, Member of the German Bundestag, Firas Abiad, Lebanese Minister of Health, and Erich Prinz von Lobkowicz, President of the German Order of Malta, a health centre on the outskirts of Beirut will be opened on Friday, 1st of April 2022.

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