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- Factors influencing choice of skilled birth attendance at ANC: evidence from the Kenya demographic health survey, Caroline Nyongesa, 2018

Perceived needs and daily stressors in an urban refugee setting: Humanitarian Emergency Settings perceived Needs Scale survey of Syrian refugees in Kilis, Türkiye, Boris Budosan, Sabah Aziz, Marie Theres Benner & Batoul Abras, 2016

World Health Organization and emergency health: if not now, when?, 2016

Evaluation of one mental health/psychosocial intervention for Syrian refugees in Türkiye, Dr. Boris Budosan, Dr. Marie Theres Benner, Batoul Abras & Sabah Aziz, 2016

Neglect of refugee participation in Myanmar, Dr. Marie Theres Benner, Aree Muangsookjarouen, Egbert Sondorp & Joy Townsend

Improving access to community-based mental health care and psychosocial support within a disaster context in Haiti, Dr. Boris Budosan, Katherine P O’Hanlon & Sabah Aziz, 2014

- Who Can Afford Health Care? Evaluating the Socio-Economic Conditions and the Ability to Contribute to Health Care in a Post-Conflict Area in DR Congo, Dr. Sibylle Gerstl, Dr. Justin Sauter, Joseph Kasanda & Dr. Alfred Kinzelbach, 2014

- Indicators and Reference Data: A Practical Tool for Project Managers in Humanitarian Aid, Dr. Marie Theres Benner & Peter Schmitz, 2009

- Sexual violence in the protracted conflict of DRC programming for rape survivors in South Kivu, DR Congo, Birthe Steiner, Dr. Marie T Benner, Egbert Sondorp, Peter Schmitz, Ursula Mesmer & Sandrine Rosenberger, 2009

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