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Emergency relief at Malteser International

Millions of people around the world are threatened with the consequences of extreme natural disasters and armed conflict. In countries affected by earthquakes, flooding, drought and violence, infrastructure is often heavily damaged, while the population suffers from a lack of food, shelter, medical care and future prospects. Many live in profound poverty, or find themselves forced from their homes to live as refugees, or displaced people in their own country.

Malteser International seeks to provide rapid and effective help in acute crises. We offer emergency medical aid, and distribute food and other essential survival materials. Even during the emergency response phase of a disaster, long-term considerations like ensuring a sustainable livelihood for the affected people are an important consideration. Strengthening the capacity of local people to help themselves is a central concern of our work.

Relief and reconstruction oriented to local needs

A team of highly experienced professionals coordinates Malteser International’s aid during disasters. They identify the needs of the people in the affected area, manage responders on the ground and at regional centers, and take care of logistics and the supply of essential aid material. Our aid is provided by a combination of local partner organizations and specially deployed teams of international experts.

Our approach is tailored to the needs of affected populations, and our aid is undertaken according to internationally recognized standards, as well as a strict principle of neutrality and independence from political, religious or ethnic considerations.  

During the acute phase of emergencies, we take advantage of opportunities to consult with local populations to find out what their needs are, discuss their ideas for rebuilding their communities, and make plans for the future. On the basis of this needs analysis and in partnership with locals, we develop plans for the improvement of water supplies and sanitation, the reconstruction of houses and public buildings, and the restoration of lives and livelihoods.

Emergency Response Team

In order to respond swiftly and efficiently after a disaster, Malteser International is seeking to strengthen its pool of experts. We are therefore looking for committed, motivated and open minded individuals capable of providing assistance under challenging emergency contexts. In the event of a disaster, emergency response teams are dispatched to affected regions for a period of two to four weeks. 

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Emergency Relief in Nepal

Emergency relief missions are probably what comes to most people’s minds when they hear the words ‘humanitarian aid’, or ‘disaster relief’. However, emergency missions are actually just one part of a much bigger process that goes on for years before and after disasters.

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Oliver Hochedez
+49 (0)221-96441-110
Email: oliver.hochedez@malteser-international.org

Emergency Medical Team

Emergency Response Simulation

Our emergency team did an emergency response simulation, together with experts from our emergency pool, for four whole days. We were there filming. Have a look at our videos to see what an emergency response looks like. The simulated emergency: an earthquake in "East Colonistan".


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