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To a certain extent, Vietnam‘s struggle with the effects of the decades long war between 1955-75 still goes on. Because of its geographical location, it is also one of the countries most vulnerable to natural disasters and the effects of climate change. It is only in the last few years that Vietnam has witnessed economic change and a steady growth of the middle class.

Malteser International began working in Vietnam in 1966, and provided emergency relief during the war until 1975: treating the sick and wounded. Providing health facilities and fighting poverty amongst the population remained the focus of our work during the period of rebuilding. Since the significant economic development in the country in recent years, our priorities have shifted to lay an ever greater focus on disaster risk reduction. As a consequence of frequent floods and typhoons, we are often engaged in emergency and disaster relief activities. The geographical focus of our work is in Vietnam’s central provinces, which are amongst the poorest in the country.

Malteser International Location: Danang

Our project in Vietnam

Malteser International closes office in Vietnam

After more than 40 years of aid for the people of Vietnam, Malteser International has closed its office in Da Nang. The local employees have founded their own relief organisation and continue to work for the most vulnerable, especially in the area of inclusive disaster prevention.

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50 Years in Vietnam: Politics stays at the door

“Whenever I hear a helicopter I think about Vietnam – even today. That has never left me,” said Thomas Reuther. Now 71, he was a 26 year-old public administration graduate in 1971, when he applied to work for the Malteser International's predecessor organization in Vietnam at the height of the war.

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