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Man in Türkiye receives Physiotherapy.


Türkiye is home to the largest number of refugees in the world, hosting close to 4 million people. Over 3.6 million refugees come from Syria alone (as of: February 2024) and have fled the ongoing war in their home country. These large numbers were already placing an increasing burden on the country's social infrastructure before, but after the devastating earthquake that hit Türkiye and Syria on February 6, 2023, the humanitarian need in southeastern Türkiye became even more urgent.

Less than two percent of the refugees are accommodated in Türkiye's seven refugee camps. The vast majority live on the streets or in desolate and unhygienic housing conditions. Many are not integrated into the labor market and lack Turkish language skills. With no immediate prospects of returning home, numerous refugees suffer from the effects of past violence and chronic post-traumatic stress disorders. Additionally, there are significant gaps in the host community's health system, particularly in rural areas, that affect the hosting communities as well.

Millions of people - including women and children in particular - are dependent on humanitarian aid. Malteser International has been on the ground with our partner organizations since 2012, providing vital emergency aid

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This is how we have been providing aid after the earthquake:

Since the severe earthquake in the Türkiye/Syria border region on February 6, 2023, our humanitarian aid activities have also focused on providing emergency relief in the affected regions. We work closely with local partners, focusing on providing immediate relief and addressing the disaster’s multifaceted challenges. Our assistance included the following activities (by sector):

Health Initiatives:

  • Provided 13,657 basic medical consultations to address common health needs.
  • Conducted 609 sessions of psychological support to help individuals cope with mental stress.
  • Facilitated psychological support through 41 group sessions, benefiting 410 participants.
  • Delivered physiotherapy services to 83 patients, supporting their physical rehabilitation.
  • Supplied 67 patients with mobility aids to improve their independence and quality of life.
  • Referred 116 patients to specialized healthcare services for advanced medical treatment.


Distribution of Non-Food-Items:

  • Supplied 101 tents to provide shelter for families.
  • Distributed 1,900 beds to create appropriate sleeping conditions.
  • Provided 2,200 generators to ensure access to electricity.
  • Distributed 3,300 sleeping bags and blankets to improve warmth and comfort during sleep.
  • Additionally, 300 households each received an extra pair of blankets to help them stay warm.
  • Supported 12,000 individuals by distributing 1,400 food kits and 1,400 hygiene kits, addressing basic nutritional and sanitary needs.

Our long-term aid in Türkiye:

Since 2012, we have been providing humanitarian aid to refugees from Syria in cooperation with our local partners in the southern Turkish border town of Gaziantep, as well as cross-border in Syria itself. The focus of our humanitarian work in Türkiye is on health care, especially rehabilitation measures in the form of physiotherapy treatments, psychosocial support and mobile clinics that ensure individuals in remote areas to receive essential medical care. In Kilis, we support a physiotherapy center operated by our partner Independent Doctors Association (IDA). Our goal is to enhance the rehabilitation services to help earthquake survivors recover faster.

Stories and news from our work in Türkiye:

Strengthening local partnerships - our partner "Orange"

Localization of humanitarian relief strengthens local partnerships to efficiently support communities based on their specific needs and contexts.

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When aid workers become affected

During the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria in February 2023, the employees of aid organizations, who were usually victims themselves, were quick to help others who had lost their homes and loved ones.

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Health care on wheels: mobile clinics for affected people

Months after the earthquake in Türkiye, Malteser International and its local partner IDA continue to aid affected communities through mobile clinics and a physiotherapy center, providing essential health services.

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Of Hardship and Hope – Finding Sanctuary in Art

Displacement and conflict disrupted her sense of security, but safe spaces for self-expression, like drawing, helped the 10-year-old Shaheda process trauma and express her hopes for the future.

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Faces of our work: Betoul Abras

After graduating in Psychology from the University of Aleppo during the Syrian Civil War, Betoul became a refugee in Türkiye, where she now works with Malteser International, creating and training on psychosocial support projects.

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Completed projects:

Project information:

Standorte in der Türkei

Program Offices: Kilis, Gaziantep

Project region: Gaziantep, Kilis

Partner: Independent Doctors Association (IDA)

Photo credit: Gonzalo Bell/Malteser International

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