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Emergency relief for Syrian refugees

Over the last five years, the civil war in Syria has largely destroyed the infrastructure of the country's north. Frequent air raids cause many victims among the civilian population. Every day, Syrians are still fleeing from violence in their homeland and are seeking refuge in the neighboring countries, especially in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

Together with the Partner organization International Blue Crescent (IBC), Malteser International is running a Rehabillitation Hospital in Kilis, just three kilometers away from the Syrian border. In this hospital, patients are taken care of after operations in the state hospital, who are in need of further care and physiotherapy.

In Kilis city center, a Community Center has been set up to provide orientation and psychosocial support for the refugees in the urban context. Several trainings, especially language courses are provided to facilitate integration of the Syrian refugees in Turkey. Further, Malteser International is supporting two schools for Syrian refugee children to ensure their education also on the other side of the border.

The conflict in Syria has already lasted for the past four years. More than 12.2 Mio Syrians are in need of humanitarian aid due to the conflict. An estimated number of 7.6 million Syrians are internally displaced. while 4 million people have fled to neighboring countries.

Currently, 1.8 million registered refugees are staying in Turkey, but only 10% of these have found shelter in one of the 25 refugee camps maintained by the Turkish government. The majority of the refugees has come from the border area of the northern part of Syria, scene of intense fighting. More than half of the refugees are children.

The fighting between the government troops, the armed opposition and since 2013 also the increasing number of jihadist groups has led to a widespread destruction of infrastructure in northern Syria. This has decisive negative influence on the functionality of the local health structures. The number of qualified health personnel is now drastically reduced and a large part of health facilities such as Primary Health Centers and hospitals has been destroyed damaged or – without power and water supply – is not operative.

Continuous air raids claim more and more victims among the civilian population. The inhabitants of the cities and villages in the Aleppo-district are still suffering from bomb strikes, armor and mortar attacks. The rise of the terroristic group Islamic State (IS) has led to further escape and expulsion in northern Syria.

The Turkish border towns are therefore facing enormous challenges with regard to the refugees. The destruction of a large part of the medical infrastructure in Syria has led to the fact that day-by-day critically wounded patients are brought to Turkey to be treated there.

  • Improvement of the access to secondary health care for Syrian refugees in Turkey
  • Improvement of the access to physiotherapeutic care for patients with multiple injuries
  • Strengthen the resilience of Syrian civil society in Turkey through the running of a Community Center
  • Access to psycho-social support
  • advanced vocational Training for Syrians in Turkey
  • Set-up and operation of a fully equipped, 47-bed in-patient mobile clinic for post-operative care of 80 patients per month
  • Intensive physiotherapeutic care of patients who are have disabilities due to major war injuries
  • Employment and training of Syrian healthcare personnel in the Rehabillitation Hospital
  • Provision of psychosocial care for the patients and their relatives in the Rehabillitation Hospital and the Community Center
  • Support of a Syrian school in Kahramanmaras: financial support for Syrian school staff, subsidy of running costs

Country info

Capital: Ankara
Area: 783,562 km²
Population: c. 74.9 Million

Project data

Project duration: since November 2012
Donors: ADH - Germany's Relief Coalition, German Federal Foreign Office, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, privae donations
Partner: International Blue Crescent

Last updated: September 2016

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