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Empowering Syrian women in Turkey

During times of conflict and forced displacement, women and girls are disproportionately exposed to human rights abuses and violations. In Turkey, many Syrian refugee women are unemployed and thus face higher risks of gender-based violence.

Malteser International is supporting a women's center in Kilis, specifically devoted to empowering Syrian refugee women in Turkey. The center offers a range of services to women, including language courses, vocational training and psychosocial assistance. The center is run by the municipality of Kilis and our partner organization Maram Foundation.

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Many Syrian refugees in Turkey are unemployed as a result of insufficient language skills and a lack of professional qualifications. Women are the most vulnerable. They face the risk of being subjected to forced marriage and domestic violence.

By promoting social integration into the host community and improving their access to education and work, we are helping Syrian refugee women with the skills they need to organize and advocate for themselves.

How we are helping:

  • We offer language courses and additional training to help refugee women find jobs in Turkey.
  • Our career guidance services gives them an orientation on the Turkish labour market.
  • We provide psychosocial support services to help Syrian women refugees deal with the trauma of war and displacement.
  • We organize joint leisure activities with members of the host community to ensure lasting social cohesion.

The activities are carried out by our highly motivated and trustworthy partner organisation Maram Foundation for Relief and Development.

Integrating Syrian refugees in Turkey: The women center in Kilis

Country info

Capital: Ankara
Area: 783.562 km²
Population: approx. 80.8 million

Project data

Duration: October 2018 -  September 2019
Financing: Donations
Partner: Maram Foundation for Relief and Development, Kilis municipality

Last update: March 2019

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