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Our work against hunger and food insecurity

Around 44 million people across Africa are struggling to feed themselves. In South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, more than 15 million are facing the threat of hunger. In situations like these, children are the most affected

Malteser International is presently helping the most vulnerable people in these countries by providing families with urgently needed food, safe drinking water and sanitation and medical care.

To help families in the long term, we are also distributing seeds so families can cultivate crops, thereby producing their own food and boosting their income.

Our activities are aimed at saving as many lives as possible. Your donation can help us prevent a looming disaster.


Why is there a hunger crisis in Africa?

Roland Hansen, Head of the Africa Department at Malteser International, talks about the food crisis in South Sudan and DR Congo, what we are doing and how you can help us continue our work.

Hunger crisis in Africa: information and stories from our projects

This is how we help the people in the crisis-ridden regions of Africa:

South Sudan: 

School meal program for 5,000 children

Drilling of 18 wells 

Construction of six washing platforms

Distribution of soap bars to 19,000 refugees

Psychosocial support for children aged five and above

Distribution of agricultural equipment and water

Supervision of street children 

Supporting the urban vegetable garden in Wau city


Our help in the DR Congo for South Sudanese refugees:  

Supporting health centers and hospitals in treating refugees free of charge

Improving the water supply in the camps and health centers

Providing the necessary equipment for water treatment

Providing  refugees with hygiene articles 

Providing hygiene awareness in courses instructed by health committees in order to prevent the transmission of diseases

Construction of sanitary facilities, such as showers, latrines and incinerators

Providing health centers with equipment for infection prevention and for work safety



Water supply

Construction of a water catchment system

Drilling of boreholes

Construction of latrines and distribution of hygiene articles

High energy food for undernourished children

Supporting the food distribution for households





Our help in Uganda for South Sudanese refugees: 

Motorizing boreholes to supply refugees with water 

Supplying refugees with essential hygiene articles and soap

Distributing seeds and agricultural equipment

Trainings on good agricultural practices

Setting up fruit and vegetable gardens 


Learn more about our work in the fight against hunger in Africa:

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