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Report: Order of Malta Aid to Ukraine

In the early morning of February 24, 2022, the unthinkable happened: Russia attacked Ukraine. There is war in Europe.

As one Order of Malta family, we are supporting the people in need from Ukraine. We need to stand together, now more than ever, and take action for the people who urgently need our help.

The Order of Malta has aid and relief services, as well as diplomatic missions and associations of members, in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. These are working to provide medical assistance, food, and shelter to the people in need in Ukraine as well as the refugees who have fled the country. This work is being coordinated and supported by Malteser International, the international humanitarian aid organisation of the Order, which also provides aid and development assistance to millions of people in 30 countries around the world.

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Status as of: 10 May 2022

c. 304,000

people helped to date at borders

over 14,500

helpers active and on standby in Ukraine and neighbouring countries


cities/areas in Ukraine reached

c. 4,680

tons of aid delivered to Ukraine

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Aid to Ukraine: Order of Malta Network in Eastern Europe

Malteser International Response: Overall assistance

Malteser International supports all relief activities within Ukraine and the neighboring countries​:

  • Procurement and transportation of food (for UA)​
  • Procurement and transportation of medical consumables (for UA)​
  • Field beds (for UA)​
  • Support to OMROs (coordination, financial support)​
  • Assistance to the Republic of Moldova through the provision of relief goods​
  • Coordination of medical teams (working on a rotation basis in Poland)​
  • One MI expert was part of the EUCPM-mission to Poland (planning further medical assistance)

Overall assistance: Malteser Lviv

  • The Ukrainian team delivers continuous support in different sectors​
  • Mental Health support to IDPs (East- and West-UA)​
  • Provision of shelter (Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk)​
  • Food supply (distribution of food and through field kitchens)​
  • First aid services​
  • Organization and distribution of relief goods to various parts in Ukraine:
    • Relief goods:​ Medical supplies​, medication​, hygiene kits​, food​
    • Numbers of ​cities/areas reached: 49 (inc.: Odessa, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Mariupol, Porkovsk, Zaporizhzhia)

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Joint MI and Malteser Lviv activities in Ukraine

  • 90 relief trucks sent
  • 2 logistics hubs in operation
  • 10,610 beneficiaries of first aid trainings
  • 3 trailer-based medical clinics sent
  • 8 ambulances sent
  • 11 psychosocial aid locations
  • 236,275 meals distributed to displaced people

Ongoing activities on the Ukrainian border:


  • 24/7 Support and pick up service at the border in Beregsurány, accommodation and assistance for incoming refugees in cities, support for Berehove relief organization in Ukraine
  • Ongoing: Assistance of Ukrainian refugees on a national level, including at hotspots in Beregsurány, Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc and Győr, where it receives and assists families according to their needs.
  • In addition: extensive logistics network with warehouses and donation collection points across the country. Temporary accommodation is also provided at the national level.
  • Deepening cooperation with the Malteser group in Ivano Frankivsk
  • 52,388 refugees assisted in total
  • 183 tons of aid dispatched since the beginning of the war
  • 21,331 refugees helped to continue their journey
  • 9,049 refugees provided with temporary accommodation

Source: Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta

>> Website


  • 24/7 Service to incoming refugees at Ukrainian border including shuttle service, medical points at border in Hrebenne, and Korczowa on the Ukranian side, food distribution at Lubycza Krolewska and mobile.
  • 46 transports of aid goods from 13 collection points
  • Over 3.000 people evacuated, including 2 children under respirators​
  • 250 people provided with housing in Kraków, Głubczyce, Poznań, and several hundred more housed in private homes
  • 250 people relocated to Germany, France and Belgium
  • c. 8.8 million Euros raised 
  • Doctors from SOM Italy and group of volunteers supporting polish MSM Units, e.g., in Krakow

Source: Order of Malta Poland

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  • 24/7 Service incoming refugees at Ukrainian border at Sighetu  Marmației, Siret and SatuMare; accommodation and cross border pick-up service for vulnerable people.
  • Support for incoming refugees in Satu Mare, Sighetu Marmatiei, and Siret, including:​
    • Psychosocial support for c. 1,300 people​
    • First aid services​
    • Distribution of food and hygiene items​
  • ​Transport of five trucks of relief supplies into Ukraine​
  • ​Coordination of two warehouses

   >> Website


  • 24/7 Transportation and accommodation service to incoming refugees at Ukrainian border at Vysne Nemecke. Providing special care to mothers and children. >> Website

Ongoing activities in other countries:

Czech Republic

  • Professional psychosocial support for Ukrainian refugees​
  • In Olomouc, Přerov and Uherské Hradiště: assistance in finding accommodation, work, as well as humanitarian aid and social support to Ukranian families
  • Regular meeting for Ukrainian mothers with children once a week in Olomouc ​
  • Coordination of volunteers for refugees​
  • Translations into Ukranian and tutoring of Czech for Ukrainian children

>> Website


  • Emergency Medical Team established and ready for deployment across Europe within 48 hours as needed
  • Transport of 3.3 tons of medicine to hospitals in Kyiv and Lviv, with more to follow in Kharkiv and Khmelnytsky from central pharmacy in France
  • Additional support measures in planning including food for refugee children, logistics, and direct support to OMROs
  • Group of eight doctors deployed to the Main Railway Station in Kracow

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  • 117 transports of aid material (clothes, blankets, hygiene and medical equipment, food tents, field kitchens, camp beds and other equipment) amounting to c. 3505 tons to Ukraine and neighboring countries
  • Collection and procurement of aid materials and fundraising
  • 111 seriously ill or wounded people evacuated
  • Eight busses of disabled children evacuated with support from Malteser International and the Polish Association
  • c. 291,191 people assisted in total
  • c. 3,500 people accommodated by Malteser Werke

>> Website


  • Three truckloads of aid - mainly food and medicine - left Verona. Every week the list of basic needs for displaced people is updated.
  • Forty tons of relief goods prepared for delivery to Ukraine (collected by the Delegation of the Order of Malta di Veroli) with logistic support from ACISMOM
  • 14 aid shipments sent to Hungary, Romania and Ukraine (650 tons of goods in total) coordinated by CISOM
  • CISOM volunteers supporting activities in Siret, Romania
  • Accommodation for Ukrainian refugees

>> Website


  •  More than 41,000 people registered
  • c. 5,000 hygiene packages distributed
  • Daycare centers for children at 3 locations 
  • Callcenter in Vilnius to connect refugees with accomodation​
  • 8000 Euros worth of hygiene articles and stationery sent to Moldova 

>> Website


  • Accommodation and reception of refugees, volunteers in Slovakia. >> Website


  • Aid shipments, housing of refugees, shipment of medical supplies, accomodation center in planning. >> Website


  • Preparation of assistance for incoming refugees. >> Website


  • Support for displaced people via SOM Embassy including food distribution



  • Housing of Ukrainian refugees, volunteers supporting Slovakia. >> Website


  • Aid shipments, housing of refugees, volunteers in Poland. >> Website


  • 10 aid shipments, housing of refugees. >> Website

Impressions of our aid for the people in Ukraine and the refugees:


Oliver Hochedez

Head of Emergency Relief

Email: oliver.hochedez(at)malteser-international.org

Conor Heathcote

General Secretariat

Email: conor.heathcote(at)malteser-international.org

With your support we help those affected by the Ukraine war:

Latest news on the Ukraine crisis and our aid:


Ukraine: 150th aid transport - medication for hospitals

Cologne/Lviv. On Wednesday, 4 May, Malteser International and Malteser Ukraine send its 150th relief transport for the people in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. 44 pallets medical supplies donated by the global healthcare group Fresenius and medicines will be transported from Germany to Lviv in Ukraine. The transport is supported by the organisation "action medeor". The Order of Malta in Ukraine will distribute the aid delivery to hospitals that are currently in great need of medical material.

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The humanitarian situation in Ukraine

Interview with Pavlo Titko, Head of Malteser Ukraine

Pavlo Titko, head of Malteser Ukraine in Lviv, has been on permanent duty since the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on 24 February 2022. He tells us about the current humanitarian situation in Ukraine, how the people are feeling, which relief supplies are most urgently needed and how he himself is dealing with this extreme situation.

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Ukraine: At least one in ten refugees needs psychological support

Cologne/Lviv. In the city of Lviv, Malteser International has further expanded psychological support for refugees. Around 200,000 people are currently staying in the western Ukrainian city near the border with Poland. "The streets are full of people. They hope that they will not be forced to leave Ukraine. But even as refugees in their own country, the psychological burden is great. They have lost their homes, left their families behind, and face an uncertain future. More than 10 percent of them need psychological support," says Pavlo Titko, head of Malteser in Ukraine.

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Malteser International sends medical aid material to Ukraine

Preparations underway to receive refugees

Cologne/Lviv. A relief transport with medical equipment urgently needed by Malteser Ukraine in Lviv started today from the Lower Rhine. The medical aid organization “Action Medeor” dispatched EUR 60k worth of supplies ordered by the Order of Malta. "It is part of the chain of deliveries that we are able to send from Germany thanks to many donations," said President of Malteser International Europe, Douglas Graf von Saurma-Jeltsch. Basic foodstuffs, sleeping bags, and camp beds are also still being brought across the border.

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Ukraine: Supply of refugees at risk

Malteser International: "We need humanitarian corridors to bring food into the country"

Cologne/Lviv. Cold, snow, and a lack of food, medicines and other essential goods threaten the welfare of refugees in Ukraine. "The situation for the fleeing women, children and elderly is catastrophic. We are starting to run out of everything," said Pavlo Titko, Head of Order of Malta Ukraine.

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Aid transport has reached Ukraine - Order of Malta supplies refugees

Despite the fighting, colleagues continue to work on the ground

Cologne/Ivano-Frankivsk. In the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Malteser Ukraine has started to provide displaced people with tents, cots, blankets and food. The relief supplies sent from Germany on Thursday arrived on site on Saturday and will be put to immediate use. In addition, the displaced people are receiving medical and psychological care. 

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Ukraine: Malteser International prepares supplies for refugees

Supply shortages of food, water, and medicine.

Cologne/Lviv. Malteser International expects a very high need for help for those fleeing the situation in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of people are already on the run, within the country and to neighboring states. We expect the number of people fleeing to increase further in the coming days. “The supply situation in Ukraine itself is becoming increasingly difficult. What is especially needed are everyday medicines, as well as cots, blankets, food, and cash to provide for the many people affected," says Oliver Hochedez, head of Malteser International's emergency relief department. 

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The population in Ukraine is increasingly suffering from the consequences of the tense situation in the border conflict with Russia: "Especially for people we have been supporting for a long time and who are suffering from the consequences of displacement from their homeland, old traumas are breaking out again. A major topic in the therapy and group sessions is always: What do we do with the children? How do we tell them that we might have to leave our home? How do we talk to them about war?", reports Pavlo Titko, Head of Malteser Ukraine.

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