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Fast and give to help refugees in Bangladesh

Over 850,000 Rohingya live in a refugee camp on small strip of land on the south-eastern coast of Bangladesh. Brutal attacks in Myanmar’s Rakhine State in late August 2017 forced over 680,000 members of the ethnic Muslim minority to flee to Bangladesh, fearing for their lives. Impoverished, physically and psychologically scarred, these people have lived through unspeakable horrors, and now live in squalid conditions in the overcrowded camp. With poor conditions and limited access to healthcare, people are sick and there are growing fears of an epidemic outbreak.

We cordially invite you to spend this year's Lent in solidarity with the vulnerable men, women and children in Bangladesh by participating in our Make Lent Count campaign and supporting our work in Bangladesh.

How to participate

Instead of just giving up candies, chocolate, alcohol and other small pleasures in the run up to Easter, you can donate the money you save to our projects for refugees in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh where we are providing medical care for the sick and wounded.

How we are helping

Living conditions in the camp in Cox's Bazar are squalid: water supply, food and medical care are limited. Malteser International is working with a local organization to provide basic health services, pre-mix food rations, psychosocial support etc. for more than 20.000 refugees. Want to find out more about our work for refugees in Bangladesh?

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Who are the Rohingya?

The Rohingya are one of the many ethnic minorities in Myanmar. The vast majority are Muslim living in mainly Buddhist Myanmar. They have been called the "world's most persecuted minority". Find out why.

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Life in a refugee camp

How does everyday life look like in a refugee camp? How is life organized in the biggest refugee camp worldwide? Insights into life in the "mega camp" Cox's Bazar. 

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Rajuma's story

Rajuma is only 30 years old, but has endured the most unimaginable horrors. During brutal attacks in Myanmar, Rajuma lost everyone in her family, except one of her five children.

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Reducing human suffering in Bangladesh

The refugee emergency in Bangladesh has been called the world's fastest-developing humanitarian crisis. Yvonne Dunton is supporting Malteser International's project activities in Bangladesh, and tells us about the situation.

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For questions about our work in Bangladesh:

Rebekka Toyka
+49 (0)221-96441-235

For questions about our Lent campaign:

Katharina Kiecol



Our project in the refugee camp in Bangladesh

Your donation can give refugees lifesaving help!
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